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A Series of Unfortunate Events -- for grown-ups
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Do you wonder what could be inside the nefarious sugar bowl? Are you anxious to discover the ellusive Beatrice's true identity? Do you have a hankering to discuss philosophical and moral issues in Lemony Snicket's books? Or are you just hungry for some serious Series of Unfortunate Events discussion with other grown-ups, but can't find them on other message boards?

If so, snuggle down in your favorite chair, tie back your hair and get ready to theorize, discuss, expound, debate or just plain chat. We even allow the occassional squee or two.

Dear Reader, you have tumbled upon LJ's community for Lemony Snicket fans (typically) aged eighteen and older. And if you have any sense, you will leave this miserable place at once and join a community which discusses far more pleasant things than the Baudelaire orphans' tragic lives.

Our community rules are simple enough. Though we're geared primarily to adults, anyone who can conduct him or herself maturely is welcome to join us. This means

no netspeak
no TyPinG LiEk ThIs
no flame wars
no logical fallacies (such as ad hominim attacks)
no arguments about to whom x character or x actor "belongs"
no "shipping" arguments [i.e. arguments about which character should be romantically paired with which character - hey, it happens even among LS fans]
and overall no rudeness

Although the community is geared towards adult fans, this doesn't mean that topics of an "adult" nature are welcome here. Please keep cursing to a minimum and please, no posts containing pornography, excessive violence or anything that would make poor Messrs. Snicket and Helquist more melancholy than they already are!